Sales Team

Field Agents 

Kristina Heffron
Insurance Agent
Phone: 609-375-08384
Fax: 610-650-5930
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Leslie DeMaio
Insurance Agent
Phone: 610-883-7554
Fax: 610-650-4322
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Yvonne Hall, CISR                     
Insurance Agent
Phone: 484-748-6209
Fax: 610-650-4433
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Mary Ellen Healy
Insurance Agent
Phone: 610-565-8731
Fax: 610-650-5496
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Carl Hinds

Insurance Agent
Phone: 856-857-2863
Fax:  610-650-5557
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Larry Lobascio
Insurance Agent
Phone: 856-396-4508
Fax: 610-650-5559
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Michelle Meitner

Insurance Agent
Phone: 215-641-2445
Fax: 610-650-5797
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Melanie Burns 
Insurance Agent
 Phone: 302-244-9462
 Fax: 610-650-4392
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Jessica Nydick
Insurance Agent
Phone: 215-440-2047
Fax: 610-650-0047
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William Papa 
Insurance Agent
Phone: 215-203-2498
Fax: 610-650-5320
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Dan Papili
Insurance Agent
Phone: 484-614-7471
Fax: 610-650-5414
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Thomas Pelchat 
Insurance Agent
Phone: 610-608-7912
Fax: 610-650-4346
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Susan Seal
Insurance Agent
Phone: 484-431-5887
Fax: 610-650-5714
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Lindsey Smith
Insurance Agent
Phone: 215-860-3231
Fax: 610-650-5509
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Erica Tamburro

Insurance Agent
Phone: 856-701-5580
Fax: 610-650-5447
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Nicholas Uszaki
Insurance Agent
Phone: 484-431-5887
Fax: 610-650-4441
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Lisa Wilkinson
Insurance Agent
Phone: 856-616-6188
Fax: 610-650-5576
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Kevin Kvederas
Insurance Agent
Phone: 610-742-4773
Fax: 610-650-4351
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Evan Longmore
Insurance Agent
Phone: 609-678-6165
Fax: 610-650-4314
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Life Insurance Agent

Jordan Seiken
Life Insurance Specialist
Phone: 610-639-5852
Fax: 610-650-5558
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Commercial Insurance Agents


Kira Dodd

Commercial Account Manager
Phone: 610-993-3278
Fax: 610-650-4448
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Lisa Lathrop
Commercial Account Manager
Phone: 610-993-2055
Fax: 610-650-4339
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Cindy Sichory
Commercial Account Manager
Phone: 610-993-2058
Fax: 610-650-4415
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Raving Fans

Thank you so much for all the time and careful explanation you shared this morning --- You are SO knowledgeable and well spoken!

I have alerted State Farm that I have found a superior company/policy. So, let's proceed with our plan to begin coverage on Monday, July 22!

Many, many thanks again, Julie!

Cynthia Pierce

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